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SkyVision Newsletter – Newslink Edition 14 – 2013

The Gift of Giving

SkyVision and iDirect donate connectivity to school of marginalized children in Ghana


SkyVision and iDirect decided to contribute to the Crossover International Academy for marginalized 250 orphans in Ghana. The joint effort involved iDirect donating the equipment and handling the shipment, while SkyVision donated the installation and service. This donation opens an enormous wealth of education opportunities to the faculty and its students, connecting them to the world and anticipating a better future. The excitement in the school is obvious as the life of the children has completely changed. The students are eager to use the school’s computers to access endless eLearning capabilities made possible by the donation.


Opening a World of Communications | Ivory Coast

SkyVision Press Conference


As part of the expansion of its activities in French Africa, SkyVision recently held a press conference in the Ivory Coast. The conference “VSAT: Opening a Word of Communications” was held for government officials, enterprises and local press, and offered the perfect platform to educate the market on satellite/vsat communications and its advantages.


During the conference, Doron Ben Sira, SkyVision CEO advised to all participants that the company’s main goal is to bridge the digital divide. He added, that this is a natural path of development and the company’s end-to-end solutions have already been implemented all across Africa. SkyVision has implemented many projects for different sectors such as e-learning projects, bringing Internet connectivity to villages and remote locations that would not necessarily have the ability to access the Internet through any other means.


SkyVision successfully implements project to install and manage UNACOOPEC’s satellite private network


UNACOOPEC is the largest financial institution in the Ivory Coast specializing in microfinance, banking, and insurance. As a highly dispersed organization, the company required a very secure and efficient communications network.

After studying the market throughout Africa, the IT staff at UNACOOPEC-CI realized that SkyVision was the company that could provide the solution they needed in a time frame that was faster than their initial specifications.


SkyVision’s solution responded to all requirements, delivering a fully customized, totally secured and managed satellite-based Private Network that connects all 97 UNACOOPEC-CI branches throughout the Ivory Coast. Many of these branches are located in rural areas lacking basic communications. Due to the smart network design, UNACOOPEC-CI are able to connect their WAN sites, share information among branches and the head office, by means of voice and data applications.


Since the project was fully delivered, UNACOOPEC-CI employees are experiencing an improved working environment and customers benefit better service quality, both factors contributing to UNACOOPEC-CI’s financial performance and market perception.

SkyVision Success Stories

SkyVision saves the day… delivering zero-downtime migration solution!

Nordata’s satellite service provider always delivered fast and reliable service, until the day they unexpectedly closed their doors. With only 45 days until service was terminated, Nordata selected SkyVision – and the task of seamlessly migrating their service to SkyVision Optimize… without downtime. The selected service would enable connection between the construction company’s branches, delivering uninterrupted quality of service to smoothly run the company’s applications. With SkyVision’s support, Nordata was able to maintain and strengthen their customer base and their business. Today, Nordata and SkyVision are looking towards new shared business opportunities.



SkyVision successfully connects offshore vessel 150km of the shores of Port Harcourt

Greig Technologies is a recognized system integrator that specializes in oil and gas customers in Nigeria integrating maritime mobile satellite services and VSAT services to remote offshore locations. One of Greig’s customers needed a high-speed, reliable VSAT internet connection to connect a moving vessel located in the Gulf of Guinea near Port Harcourt, and turned to Greig to get the job done. A perfect match for this task is SkyVision’s SkyDirect uncapped, unlimited VSAT internet connectivity service. SkyDirect VSAT Internet connectivity enables vessel operators and crew to benefit from tier-1 Internet connectivity that supports voice and video applications. This, in turn, enhances overall efficiency and improves the crew’s morale. Greig Technologies installed the Seatel stabilized USAT 30 antenna and the Wi-Fi distribution network on the vessel. In parallel to the antenna’s deployment, SkyVision ensured that service quality remained constant – delivering one of the most comprehensive SLAs in the market. Based on the success of this joint project, Greig Technologies and SkyVision have strengthened their relationship and plans for additional projects in the region are well underway.

New Services!

SkyVision extends its offering of Cloud Based Services by adding 3 new services to its portfolio!
SkyVision cloud services and solutions allow corporate customers and service providers to enhance their ICT environment and allow them to adopt new applications, increase their productivity, profitability and competitiveness.

SkyVision Dedicated Servers – An IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution designed for organizations that require a highly reliable, customized configuration hosting solution. Whether deployed as the primary infrastructure or integrated into your business continuity plan, this solution provides the required infrastructure for application, server and storage, allowing your organization to benefit from better performing ERP, CRM, and other applications and websites.

SkyVision Hosted-emailBudget-friendly professional email hosting, with Business e-mail features and private domains. Our hosted email services are easily deployed, without the need to invest in, operate and manage onsite email servers and systems. Business email hosting offers organizations a host of advantages over free consumer email hosting services, delivering a cost-effective, resilient, scalable, advertising free and secure business grade email solution.

SkyVision Cloud Storage – Providing dynamic and scalable storage space, users can add as much or as little data as desired without the worry of overbuying/underutilizing or depleting their storage space. SkyVision Cloud Storage enables users to pay for space they actually use and enjoy the benefits of reliable, highly secure online file storage.


SkyVision Solar Power Solutions
Empowering rural telecommunications

SkyVision’s Solar Power Solutions are designed to provide standalone power to various communications solutions for rural, rough environment, as well as backup power to locations that are connected to the grid or other power sources. SkyVision’s Solar Power Solutions deliver independent power ensuring your critical business operations keep on working according to your requirements, from a few hours a day and up to several days. Whether our customers operate a remote base station of a cellular network, a far community school, a health center, or an expedition campground in the outback, when the sun is shining, a solar-powered system is the most reliable, cost-effective solution to keep business – connected and operational.

VSAT 2013 | Amsterdam, NL

The event welcomed over 300 senior-level decision makers with a particular focus on information sharing, networking and creating new business opportunities in the global VSAT industry. SkyVision CEO spoke at the recent conference on the growing enterprise market, while the company’s VP Marketing participated in the event’s Interactive Panel Discussion, and was joined by fellow panelists to reassess the role of the VSAT service provider.


iDirect Speaks with Partner SkyVision

During an interview with the Director of Product Management & Marketing at SkyVision, several subjects have been reviewed. One of the topics was the reason why SkyVision has chosen to focus intensively on Africa. The reason for this is that the demand for telecommunications services and Internet connectivity has expanded beyond market expectations. VSATs gained popularity through the remote regions of that continent, as they provide reliable and cost-effective satellite systems and applications. Satellite connectivity remains at the forefront of Africa’s telecommunications’ solutions and is the solution of choice in rural Africa.

Read more here.

SkyVision VSAT PRO – Mobile Application

SkyVision – SkyVision is glad to inform you that there have been tens of thousands of downloads of SkyVision VSAT PRO, the mobile application. The VSAT PRO application assists field engineers and technicians to align their VSAT links to the correct satellite to receive SkyVision services. VSAT Pro also contains a list of SkyVision satellite IP connectivity services as well as a SkyVision satellite list. Look out for our new and updated version to be launch soon!


Click Here to Watch the Promo Video!



SkyVision… takes part in
Industry Events Around the Globe


OilComm | Houston, Texas | November 6-8, 2013
SkyVision exhibited at Oilcomm 2013 (
booth 727) and promoted its market specific solutions for the oil and gas industry.
OilComm is an event dedicated to the communications challenges faced in the oil and gas community throughout the lifecycle of the platform and no matter where the drill site is located. OilComm brings together top companies in a field and offers networking opportunities.

AfricaCom | Cape Town, South Africa | November 12-14, 2013
As every year, SkyVision exhibited AfricaCom the largest event pointed at the telecom industry.
SkyVision was shortlisted to three awards this year. This dedicated conference focused on issues shared by many African communications companies and covered the most strategic issues affecting companies in Africa’s digital market.

Message from the CEO


As we move further into the last quarter of the year, we are pleased to announce yet another new service launch, SkyVision’s new cloud services. As today’s ICT companies show immense interest in utilizing cloud services, SkyVision follows suit, to deliver efficient, reliable and affordable cloud services. This new offering enables SkyVision to assist in bridging the digital divide in Africa, and to make Internet connectivity available throughout the continent. Supporting African businesses as well as remote and rural communities to prosper and grow is one of our main objectives. We not only aim to bridge the digital divide, we aim to reduce our customers’ CAPEX, and increase their profitability and business efficiency.

We have been very busy these past few months. We’ve recently implemented a new project to install and manage UNACOOPEC’s satellite private network consisting of 97 branches, and proudly launched SkyVision’s new corporate voice, data and video services. We have also strengthened our position in key vertical markets, namely Oil & Gas. Our recent partnership with system integrator, Greig Technologies, delivered SkyVision’s SkyDirect VSAT Internet services to successfully connect a vessel 150km off the shores of Port Harcourt. This project was designed and supported by SkyVision’s Nigeria team, a further step in enhancing our presence in Africa and in the Oil & Gas market.

During this quarter, we took part in several important exhibitions and conferences where we launched new solutions that define our strong reputation in the region. One of which was VSAT 2013 (Comsys), a major industry event whereby SkyVision was an active participant, presenting on the enterprise market and taking part in one of the panels. We will continue with these important events as we participate in OilComm, in Houston, Texas, and AfricaCom, in Cape Town, South Africa.  

SkyVision is committed to its ongoing support of Africa’s expansion into the digital age. We will continue to unveil new strategies and innovative solutions to connect Africa’s remote regions and its city centers.


Finally, I would like to announce our new VP Marketing & Business Development, Mr. Tomer Eisner. Tomer brings over 17 years of experience in the telecom industry arena and has held senior positions in sales, business development and marketing. I wish him great success.


We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a happy New Year!

Best regards,

Doron Ben Sira




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