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Newslink Edition 12

  – April 2013 -


“SkyView” – Message from the CEO



As we move into the second quarter of 2013, we have great news to share with our customers and partners. There are new and exciting products, a customer service that’s making a difference, and  a dedicated SkyVision mobile app! Indeed, it’s been an incredible couple of months – with so much more still coming up ahead.


In an effort to do better and be better at what we do, SkyVision recently conducted a market survey to assess our customers’ current and future needs. As a result, we expect an increase in the demand for satellite communications and tremendous potential for growth on the corporate level, specifically in the oil & gas, mining, and utilities sectors. We discovered that the projected Compound Annual Growth Rates (CAGRs) over the next 10 years are: oil & gas – 7.2%; mining – 10.6%, and utilities – 14%.


The survey conclusion revealed that the focus will continue to be on C- and Ku-bands.


SkyVision proudly offers its customers true global satellite communications that now include SkyVision MSS and SkyVision Voice Services. Feedback is an integral part of our development process, helping us to tailor-design your next SkyVision product.


We welcome your comments and questions – and we look forward to providing you our high-level customer support and service.



Doron Ben Sira



SkyVision Expands its Fibre Services Capacity in Nigeria

SkyVision recently increased its fiber services capacity in Nigeria by leasing a full STM-1 form Main One.

By diversifying its international backhaul connectivity over multiple submarine cables, SkyVision enables its customers stay connected in the case of an outage of one of the submarine cables landing at the shores of Nigeria.








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SkyVision’s Voice Services:

What you need to know


SkyVision’s voice services are fully compatible with all SkyVision Internet Access and VPN Services. We proudly offer monthly calling plans and packages from as low as $19.99. Here’s what we offer:



SkyVision Voice Line: Premium VoIP service that enables customers to make international voice calls without investing in an onsite VoIP PBX. Subscribers can use standard phone sets to place international voice calls by simply connecting to a SkyVision VoIP ATA.


SkyVision SIP Trunking: Premium VoIP service designed for customers already equipped with an IP-PBX. If you’re in search of a cost-effective solution for high-quality voice over an IP network, SkyVision SIP Trunking saves money on international calls via our dedicated Internet or VPN.


SkyVision DID: With our voice services, you can take advantage of virtual phone numbers right around the globe with international DID (Direct Inward Dialing). This service enables callers to make local calls to reach SkyVision Voice Service subscribers in other countries, dramatically saving on inbound call costs by bypassing the high rates on international calls.


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SkyVision News


SkyVision Technical Assistance Center in Senegal


We are pleased to announce the new Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at SkyVision offices in Dakar, Senegal. Now fully operational and integrated with our bilingual center, which offers 24/7 technical support.  Senegal’s TAC team works closely with SkyVision’s global TAC reps, offering our local customers unparalleled professional support and service.



The team provides real-time assistance for a long list of services – from configuration to activation, troubleshooting to fault isolation. Dakar’s TAC professionals provide support for remote site line-up and site activation, link upgrade and downgrade, RF level monitoring and optimization, and traffic monitoring and analysis. For SkyVision customers in Senegal and other Francophone countries, tech support is now just a phone call away.



SkyVision “Service Supreme”


Mobile Satellite Services


We are pleased to introduce our customers and partners to an entire range of SkyVision’s mobile satellite services. That’s right, now when you’re out at sea, on dry land or up in the clouds where you do not have access to standard telecommunications – now you’ll have SkyVision mobile satellite services. Simply put, you will be able to quickly and easily connect anywhere – anytime.


SkyVision offers the widest selection of mobile satellite services on the market today, based on the leading satellite platforms of Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya. This guarantees comprehensive, uninterrupted global coverage. SkyVision subscribers can now enjoy the quality and ease of voice and high-speed data services to communicate to/from areas with no terrestrial network coverage.


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It’s not just any App – It’s VSAT Pro!


Since the recent launch of SkyVision’s new smartphone app, VSAT Pro, we’ve had thousands of downloads! This overwhelming response is a clear indication of the need for an efficient, user-friendly app such as the VSAT Pro. The app was designed to help engineers and technicians align their VSAT, on site, to the exact satellite. It also includes tools such as a compass and inclinometer.


Coupled with a long list of features, the app also provides SkyVision’s satellite IP connectivity services and a comprehensive satellite list. The VSAT Pro Quick Guide is a convenient reference handbook that covers a range of FAQs and scenarios that may arise during the VSAT alignment procedure.


Features include:

  • New VSAT alignment set up
  • Compass
  • Inclinometer
  • SkyVision services list
  • SkyVision satellite list

A quick guide is available as part of the app to enable easy reference for any inquiries which may arise during the VSAT alignment procedure.


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Available for download here:



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Improved VSAT Installation Manual Now Includes iDirect X1 Satellite Router


At SkyVision, we are committed to excellence and to delivering the tools our customers need to get the job done. We’ve now added our iDirect X1 Satellite Router to SkyVision’s VSAT Visual Installation Manual. This easy to use installation manual now includes detailed instructions on how to install the iDirect X1 Satellite Router.


It’s the “visual” guide that makes this manual so popular, walking the user step-by-step through the technical requirements and a host of practical applications. These include actually setting up an antenna and a VSAT-based satellite router to access SkyVision’s satellite broadband service. The manual skillfully covers topics such as VSAT components, site surveying process, antenna installation and alignment, satellite router installation, troubleshooting, and SkyVision’s Support Center Help Desk procedures.


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Satellite Cellular Backhaul – Customer Success Story


A large cellular GSM provider in Africa was committed to actively developing advanced networks designed to assist people to develop, study and expand their frontiers. The service they sought needed to be both absolutely reliable and available immediately.


With a strategic program to develop their client base from the ranks of competitor’s subscribers and young people independently subscribing for the first time, this Cellular GSM provider was in a demanding situation with little room for mistakes.


The company’s network rollout plan requiring base transceiver stations (BTSs) throughout the country’s long distances and rough terrain, and they needed a fast and reliable solution to connect the elements of their GSM network.


SkyVision’s Cellular Backhaul Solution answered this Cellular GSM provider’s needs in every way. The solution provided E1-based connectivity between several of the company’s BTSs and BSCs around the country. SkyVision used the most innovative technology to ensure the best possible saving while maintaining the required availability.

SkyVision’s full-service package included site survey and network planning, complete infrastructure building, electrical and electronic setup and line-up, and integration of their new sites, carrying E1 lines, with the company’s existent GSM network. SkyVision’s local professional team provided project management, satellite communications, cellular backhaul and complex operations. In addition, SkyVision’s local warehouse assured this customer of immediate technical backup, whenever required.


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“WorldWatch” – SkyVision Events Around the Globe


Join SkyVision management, staff and global representatives at these international events. Schedule a meeting to meet the SkyVision team in your region. Let’s talk about your communication needs.  



SEMICA (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) May 23-25, 2013

International Energy, Mining and Quarries Trade Fair


SkyVision will be exhibiting at SEMICA at booth # 53. To schedule a meeting at Semica email Aminata Fofana at: aminata.f@skyvision.net


SEMICA is a global trade event dedicated to mining professionals from around the world. The trade fair welcomes professionals from every continent to discuss current market trends and new business opportunities.


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SkyVision will be exhibiting at SatCom at booth # C11. To schedule a meeting at Satcom email Ofer Farkash at: oferf@skyvision.net


SatCom Africa is the largest satellite communication conference and exhibition focused on the needs of the African continent. This large and colourful event brings together end-users and suppliers of satellite technology from the region to find cost-effective and reliable solutions to meet their ever-growing needs.


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We welcome your comments and questions. Email us at: info@skyvision.net