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Newslink Edition 11

  – February 2013 -



A Message from the CEO



We definitely had a great year and are planning an exciting year ahead….

In 2012, it became clear to me that in order to enhance our market leadership in Africa, the company would have to expand its strong and reliable local presence. I am proud to say that we have made a major leap in this direction over the past year and will continue to do so moving forward into 2013.

One of the steps taken to make this happen was to establish additional local offices in South Africa and Western Africa.


SkyVision will also continue to expand its wide-spread infrastructure which already includes hubs in Nigeria, DRC, Kenya, Johannesburg, Guinea and Zimbabwe.  

This year, SkyVision plans on moving further into key corporate market segments as well as further strengthening its business through its impressive net of channel partners. 


SkyVision breaths the African spirit that is part of the dynamics of Africa. We are committed to constantly enhance our ability to deliver reliable, comprehensive satellite communication coverage for the African market.  

I wish you all a very successful 2013.



Doron Ben Sira









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New! SkyVision Launches Smart Phone Application


SkyVision has launched a new smart phone application, VSAT PRO. The VSAT PRO application assists field engineers and technicians to align their VSAT links to the correct satellite to receive the SkyVision satellite Internet service. VSAT Pro also contains a list of SkyVision satellite IP connectivity services as well as a SkyVision satellite list.



Features include:

  • New VSAT alignment set up
  • Compass
  • Inclinometer
  • SkyVision services list
  • SkyVision satellite list

A quick guide is available as part of the app to enable easy reference for any inquiries which may arise during the VSAT alignment procedure.


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Available for download here:



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SkyVision Service Launches


Introducing a New Service to our Portfolio! SkyVision Voice Services


SkyVision Voice Services offers business-grade, VoIP-based, international calling services that are compatible with all SkyVision internet access and VPN services. SkyVision Voice Services provides flawless voice communications, connecting corporate headquarters, branch offices, and remote staff over fixed and mobile phone numbers, as well as low-cost inbound calling options. SkyVision Voice Services allow you to dramatically reduce the cost of international calls by eliminating the need for expensive mobile and landline calling rates. Furthermore, with SkyVision Voice Services, On Net VoIP calls are free of charge.



SkyVision Voice Services Calling Options


SkyVision Voice Line: SkyVision Voice Line is a premium VoIP service that enables customers to make international voice calls without investing in an onsite VoIP PBX. Subscribers can use regular phone sets to place international voice calls by simply connecting it to a VoIP ATA provided by SkyVision.


SkyVision SIP Trunking: SkyVision SIP Trunking is a premium VoIP service designed for customers, already equipped with an IP-PBX, who seek cost-effective ways to carry high-quality voice over an IP network. SkyVision SIP Trunking service saves money on international calls through the utilization of SkyVision’s dedicated Internet access or VPN connections.


SkyVision DID: Customers who utilize the Voice Services can take advantage of virtual phone numbers from a variety of counties for international DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing). This service allows callers to make a local phone call to reach SkyVision Voice Service subscribers in other countries. SkyVision DID service decreases the cost of inbound calls by bypassing the high rates for international calls.


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SkyDirect Series – New Consolidated Services!


SkyDirect is a satellite-based, VSAT Internet connectivity solution that provides your organization with the highest quality bandwidth. With Ku-band and C-band satellite coverage spanning across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa, SkyDirect VSAT Services deliver the widest variety of packages and contention ratios with easy-to-install equipment, all in an UNLIMTED, UNCAPPED service plan. All SkyDirect services are based on iDirect’s powerful “all-in-one” technology that ensures both reliability and flexibility, specifically designed to provide you with all your data communication needs.



SkyVision News


SkyVision Launches New iDirect HUB and Upgrades Pan-African Satellite Network with IDX 3.1 Software


SkyVision has launched a new iDirect hub and is now offering full Pan-African coverage on both C-Band and Ku-Band. SkyVision has also upgraded its networks to iDirect’s iDX 3.1 operating software.


SkyVision’s new iDirect hub is operating on the Amos-5 Ku-band satellite, which covers southern and sub-Saharan Africa, and complements SkyVision’s existing C-band coverage for a complete Pan-African network. In addition to its new hub, SkyVision also owns and operate iDirect hubs in North America, the Middle East, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, DRC and Zimbabwe.


With iDirect’s iDX 3.1 operating software, SkyVision will deliver a more cost-effective VSAT solution for its customers. Specifically, SkyVision leveraged iDirect’s over-the-air upgrade capabilities to perform smooth software upgrade to thousands of sites. SkyVision has also lowered costs on the remote side through the deployment of iDirect’s new Evolution X1 remote, a new low power, compact, and easy-to-install remote that is ideal for large-scale deployments.


New Captures


Congo Brazzaville: SkyVision provides connectivity services to first ISP customer in Congo Brazzaville on a new platform utilizing the Inclined Orbit service.


DRC: Vodacom continues to expand activity on the SkyVision HUB in DRC for the national customs department.



Niger: SkyVision partnered with Orange Niger to offer comprehensive Corporate Solutions.




New Technologies and Platforms


SkyVision is pleased to offer a world-class line of new technologies and platforms which have been rolled out and are have already been utilized by our customers globally.


Arabsat 5A satellite added to our fleet serving global connectivity needs and further expanding its capacity offerings.


Two new VSAT networks from our iDirect Hub in Johannesburg which supports the latest iDX 3.1 iDirect release and takes full advantage of the Amos 5 satellite with its Ku-Band coverage of southern and sub-Saharan Africa including Pan-African C-Band capacity.


Enhanced coverage over all of Africa and Asia via the Amos-5 and ST2 satellites. The AMOS-5 features a fixed pan-African C-band beam and three steerable Ku-band beams, all covering Africa with connectivity to Europe and the Middle East.


Additional coverage through new satellites such as

SESAT 1, which cover new territories and enable us to provide services to these new territories.


New 7.3 meter GD antenna at our Middle East teleport to provide an uplink for SESAT 1 and a 13 meter antenna to provide an uplink to ST-2.






Mobile World Congress, 25-28 February 2013:

Barcelona, Spain


Join SkyVision in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2013 as together we explore the New Mobile Horizon.


The mobile ecosystem is expanding at lightning speed, with endless innovation and new applications of mobile technology. From contactless payments and augmented reality to embedded devices and connected cities ­– mobile technology is changing the landscape. The impact mobile will have on the world is limitless.


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New Google Maps With SkyVision Satellite Footprint Coverage


We are pleased to present new satellite coverage maps on the SkyVision website utilizing convenient Google map functionality with informative pop up details.


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